Low and narrow clearances (12.5" tall with tower up and 45" wide)
Drive & Wash and rock coring capabilities
4 1/4" and 10 1/4" hollow stem auger
Can be fitted to drill at 8' clearance​


Davey Kent 525 Track Rig

Low Clearance (12' tower)
Excellent drive & Wash and coring
4 1/4" and 10 1/4" hollow stem auger
Air Hammer
Mud Rotary​

55 LC ATV Low Clearance

ATV Low Clearance/Limited Space High Torque​

Portable Drill Capabilities (Tripod Unit): drill inside buildings or outside areas that's truck-mounted rigs can't access, via Drive and Wash


Portable Probe Capabilities: Hand-Held Probe allows for soil and groundwater sampling and small diameter well installation at limited-access locations otherwise deemed impossible to access with drilling equipment (such as basements, crawl spaces, alley ways, landscaped areas, etc)



Additional Drilling Capabilities