Geotechnical infrastructure borings

Large diameter augers (up to 12 1/4"")

Install 6" to 15" diameter wells

Casing (2" - 18")

Drive and wash casing

Rock Coring (2" - 5")

Down-Hole Air Hammer (2" - 16")

ODEX drilling capabilities

Automatic sampling capabilities

Packer testing

Quick disconnect tower for low clearances

Moyno pump equipped 3-L-6 & 3-L-8

High torque mechanical drive

On board steam cleaning unit w/ AC power

Low Clearance Auto Hammer

Full service ATV off road drilling, both track and rubber tired


Ranging from Air Rotary, ATV, Track Mounted and Conventional Hollow Stem Auger Rigs

Drill Rig Capabilities

Down-Hole Air Hammers (2" - 10"): For installation of 2" - 10" bedrock wells and the advancement of borings where refusals encountered with augers or casing. Air hammer telescopes down thru casing or augers and penetrates boulders and/or bedrock. Faster than coring or roller bit and is more cost effective than air rotary rigs.​


ODEX Drilling Capabilities: Ideal for setting casing in adverse unconsolidated and bedrock formations where techniques such as mud rotary and conventional air hammer fail, are not practical or are inefficient. ODEX annulus is slightly larger than casing so that the casing can be advanced.


Well Abandonment: Over-drilling & pressure grouting.


Well Development: Waterra, surge blocking, submersible pumps, LDA, DPA and Hydro Frac.



Additional Drilling Capabilities